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Transportation to the airport must be provided

With the end of the semester just around the corner, students are beginning to plan their trips back home for the summer. Although many students live close by so they can drive, take a train or bus back home, other students are not that close.


Despite tough circumstances, the Pirates never gave up

The Pirates long season fi­nally came to an end Wednes­day night at the hands of Syracuse. The team may have finished with their lowest win total in the Big East since 1985-86 season but it's noth­ing that Pirate fans should be ashamed of.


Swedish House Mafia made one junior's early break better

Who decided spring break should come before the start of spring or daylight saving time for that matter? It seems that starting spring break roughly 39 days into the semester seems a little sudden. Fortunately for most students, they had the opportunity to leave town but for those who were stuck in New Jersey, there wasn't any­thing to do.


Help stop vandalism and theft on campus

As we returned from spring break, all students received an email Monday after­noon from Tracy Gottlieb, vice president of student services, about the new bike policy on campus. Within that email there was also a call to action to help stop vandalism on campus. It is essential that we all take time to read this email as well as help minimize vandalism at the Hall.


Students must come together to save EOP

Providing scholarship funds for indi­viduals who are economically and edu­cationally disadvantaged, allowing stu­dents the chance to get a head start in college as well as offering tutoring and chances for students to do community outreach projects - these are advantages that the Educational Opportunity Pro­gram provides for students. However, this program has the potential to be cut here at Seton Hall.


Decisions regarding future plans worry a junior

College is full of decisions. Oftentimes they are as simple as picking a room on campus or perhaps as complex as deciding on a major. The first two years are packed with new experiences, friends, jobs and opportunities and by the time we reach the ever anticipated summer break before the start of our junior year, we are inevitably exhausted. Just when we think we are out of the dark, junior year hits us with a new round of decisions that pack far more of a punch than their first-year counterparts. Not only do we begin taking the upper-classmen courses that include rigorous coursework pertinent to our ma­jor but the decisions we face of­tentimes affect more than just our college careers.


NBA drama should be kept in-house instead of on ESPN

It's obvious that the media in professional sports has helped take the level of entertainment to that of not only a game but a reality show. The real problems though, are the players' loose lips and their coaches' lack of disci­pline.


Seton Hall should give students a choice in meatless Fridays

With yesterday marking the be­ginning of the Lenten Season in the Catholic Church, I can't help but a feel a little anxiety about what the cafeteria will hold in store for tomorrow. During this season in the church, for any of those who do not know, believers are asked to give up meat on Fri­days.


Pirate basketball: A tough season but not a complete loss

Over the past nine games, eight loses have been registered by a once promising basketball team. The Pirates got off to a 12-2 start this season and seemed to be headed in the right direction. Within the last nine games a to­tally different team has seemed to take the court each night.

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