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Help stop vandalism and theft on campus

As we returned from spring break, all students received an email Monday after­noon from Tracy Gottlieb, vice president of student services, about the new bike policy on campus. Within that email there was also a call to action to help stop vandalism on campus. It is essential that we all take time to read this email as well as help minimize vandalism at the Hall.

We need to remember that our campus is really "our campus" and a reflection of us. If we vandalize our campus, we are essentially vandalizing our home, a place where many of us live and all of us go to school. Individuals from different parts of the globe come to our campus for tours as well as for various meetings and we want them to be stunned about how beautiful our campus is, not turned off by benches and various other objects that have been vandalized.

Also taking banners off of the light posts is a form of theft. Students who steal these banners will be subjected to the judicial process, so please keep the banners where they are.

The banners, as stated in the email, are placed on campus to decorate the Green and not to decorate our individual dorm rooms. The banners are a public dis­play of our school spirit. We must also discourage our friends and others from taking the banners as well as from vandal­izing benches on campus.

We all have the responsibility to keep our campus beautiful and clean. We can do this if we remember that our campus is our home and that we want our campus to reflect positively on us as well as the town of South Orange. When our friends and family come to Seton Hall, we want them to focus on how beautiful our campus is and not some form of vandalism by students.

Let's all resolve to keep our campus beautiful!


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