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Students must come together to save EOP

Providing scholarship funds for indi­viduals who are economically and edu­cationally disadvantaged, allowing stu­dents the chance to get a head start in college as well as offering tutoring and chances for students to do community outreach projects - these are advantages that the Educational Opportunity Pro­gram provides for students. However, this program has the potential to be cut here at Seton Hall.

With all the great opportunities EOP has provided for students, it must be saved here on campus. We as a Seton Hall community need to come together in order to save EOP.

Even if we are not personally a part of the program, chances are that someone we know on campus is. If that is not the case, in day-to-day activities at Seton Hall, we have come across someone who is or has been a part of the program. If we work together to try to save EOP, not only will we be helping students at Seton Hall now, but we have the potential to help future Pi­rates that aspire to attend Seton Hall but cannot afford it, or did not have great aca­demic opportunities representative of their drive to attend college.

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to receive higher education, however, if EOP is cut that will become much harder. It is a challenge at this present time for stu­dents to pay for Seton Hall, however, with EOP being cut this challenge will be nearly impossible for some.


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