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The priority points system should be replaced with a housing lottery

Priority points are system for housing that is unique to Seton Hall.

The system essentially forces students to participate in activities on campus in order to be eligible for housing.

In no way can I make sense of how using priority points to de­cide which students are eligible for certain housing is fair. For any­one unfamiliar with the priority point system, when students swipe into an event on cam­pus, for example a soccer game, they accumulate priority points. The points are logged at each event and tallied in the second semester of the year before housing applications are released.

This system creates an unfair competition among students to accumulate the highest number of points possible in order to be able to register for the housing they want.

So even if you are a senior who desires to live on campus your se­niority does not count, you need a certain number of points.

Another flawed aspect of the system is the loss of points as a penalty for housing violations. At­tending an event on campus is no way related to violating a housing code.

Sure, violating the rules in a dor­mitory should be penalized, but should it have anything to do with how much you participated in Se­ton Hall activities?

Therefore the system of points should not be the same.

Priority points also do not ac­complish the goal they set out to of getting students involved in campus activities.

Students still only attend what they are interested in.

Ones that are likely to go out and be involved in campus earn points and the ones that lack interest in on campus events do not.

And then there is the ever pres­ent student that goes to an event, swipes for the points, and imme­diately leaves.

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It isn't like anyone is monitor­ing that.

But the points are closely moni­tored and continually prevent students from being able to room who they want, where they want.

For students working off cam­pus it can be difficult for them to find time to attend priority point events.

My proposal?

That Seton Hall University uses a lottery system for housing, just like the majority of other universi­ties in the area.

The lottery system is fair, unbi­ased, and not based off of any of the students' personal attributes or activities.

Housing lotteries are commonly used at universities with limited housing space.

I believe that it would be the solution to Seton Hall's housing system.

Overall the priority point system is stress. It is confusing for new students and a hassle for those of us that have been here.

The system is a headache for ev­eryone involved, I think.

Erin Williams is a sophomore public relations major from Wilm­ington, Del. Erin can be reached at


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