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Living in Aquinas Hall next year has its downfalls

As we all have seen here at Seton Hall there is a lot of construction taking place on campus. Besides the construction that is going on this semester, there are numerous projects that are set to begin next year.

Among the construction projects that are scheduled, one of the projects that di­rectly involves students is the construc­tion that will take place in Aquinas Hall.

Although Aquinas is considered to be a freshman dorm, next year Seton Hall administrators are offering a 20 percent discount on housing for upperclassmen that agree to live there.

This discount on housing can be en­ticing to many students, however, there seems to be some potential downfalls.

Students will have to deal with construc­tion that at times will be extremely loud and disruptive. The construction, which primarily will be done in the morning, has the potential to wake students up and inter­rupt them when they are studying and pre­paring for class.

Aquinas is also considered to be a fresh­man dorms so many upperclassmen may not want to live there -- feeling that in some way they are downgrading.

While it is commendable that Seton Hall is taking on so many renovation projects in order to better the living and learning envi­ronment for current and potential students, the university must realize that students want to live in dorms where they feel com­fortable and will not be disrupted.


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