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Free Flick Fridays: A great initiative by SAB

"It's like a ghost town here every Friday" - How many times have you heard that comment or similar ones from our fellow classmates on campus?

It is no secret that during the weekend, some students leave campus and go home. Sometimes Seton Hall is referred to as a suitcase school, meaning that many students go home during the weekend instead of staying on campus. Although there can be many reasons why this happens, some students complain that there is nothing fun to do during the weekends. Students have also commented that during the weekends, there are not many programs and events on campus for them to attend. So instead of staying, stu­dents who live within driving distance opt to go home to be with family members and hometown friends. Not only do they go home once and a while, but they go home every weekend.

The Student Activities Board members have listened to these comments and tried to fix this trend. In order to encourage students to spend the weekend on campus, the Student Activities Board has planned more activities on the weekends. One such event is Free Flick Fridays.

We applaud the members of SAB for realizing what students want and taking immediate action. Not only does Free Flick Fridays allow students to relax on campus, see a free movie, but it helps keep students safe. Students do not have to ven­ture out in surrounding areas late on Friday nights to entertain themselves. It is also a great way to unite the SHU community. As a student body let's support SAB and Free Flick Fridays. Then perhaps even more events will be planned on the weekends to keep students entertained.


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