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Not fair: University holiday but students must attend classes

A policy that really bothers me about Seton Hall is the fact that administrative offices have off for holidays, such as President's Day, but the rest of the school still has to go to class.

I had off for President's Day when I was in grade and high school, so why is this different? I understand this is the first time I have attended a private school, but if one person at this Univer­sity is important enough to have off, I think all the students and professors should get off, too.

On Monday, I was having problems completing an online homework assignment. I was not able to access this video I had to watch because of some little problem with my computer. Well, little problems like these are usually fixed by the Technol­ogy Service workers. Guess who had off? Guess who did not?

I could not get my homework done because I had no idea how to fix my computer problem and there was no one there to help. Well, that did not stop the class from starting and the homework from being due.

Luckily, my professor gave me an extension, but there are a lot of professors who would not be so understanding. I just really would like to know why some people are allowed off on certain holidays and others are not. I re­ally just want to hear the logic behind it. Does the University think students and professors do not need a break? Do they think that we do not work as hard as the higher up people do? If that is the case, I would like to give them a sum total of hours of sleep I get during the week.

Another part of the University that is deemed important enough to have off on these "holidays," but not important enough to stay open for the ever so hardworking students is counseling services.

Some people really rely on that office being open, especially if they have had a bad day of class­es or in general and just need someone to talk to. They will not be able to rely on Seton Hall to help them on its day off.

I mean, is one day really that vital for students and professors to have to show up for class, but not for the heads of the school to show up for the well-being of the students? If the University finds it so important for their students and professors to be in class, then the entire University should be employed on this day.

I know I would have enjoyed a day off, not even to go shopping or watch TV but I would have spent it doing work for the week.

Full services should always be provided by Seton Hall for its students, if one day of rest can­not be.

Lindsay Rittenhouse is a soph­omore journalism major from Howell, NJ. She can be reached at

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