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Stepping away from everyday noise can be a refreshing change

As clich?© it may sound, silence is golden.

I also believe that it can be a powerful statement in itself or even a level of comfort.

I was having lunch with a friend, we'll call her "Friend A," and a mutual friend, "Friend B," decided to sit with us. Friend A and I were pleasantly enjoying our meals when Friend B asks if just sitting and eating in silence was all that we did.

I thought this was a strange thing to say because I felt that I was so comfortable with Friend A that we could enjoy mutual silence instead of feeling the need to awkwardly fill each and every moment of time with conversation.

Now I'm not saying that talking is bad or that only people who do not have a strong connection speak to each other.

I'm saying that silence among two people isn't necessarily a terrible thing.

It shows that you feel comfortable enough with the person you're with that you both can sit with your thoughts.

All the clatter of everyday occurrences can also be taxing to one's mentality so taking a break from all the noise can prove to be relaxing.

Boisterousness can also cause one to lose focus and it may be difficult to regain it.

Noises can include clanging from bottles of hair product, the opening and shutting of closet doors, text message notifications, two people fighting for a spot in the parking lot or obnoxious heavy breathing. They can all drive a person up a wall and cause unnecessarily angry feelings.

If the case is that you're surrounded by racket, try escaping to a secluded area like your car or the library.

The Chapel is also a tranquil place to be if you find yourself seeking salvation from commotion. You could also go on a walk in a peaceful neighborhood or on a hike in the woods.

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Listening to music that you enjoy with noise cancelling headphones could also be a remedy to loathsome noises.

Because it's something you enjoy listening to, it can help to calm your nerves before you end up tearing someone's head off because they're typing too loudly or smacking their lips as they eat a meal.

If all else fails, you could always ask the noisy culprit to quiet down or buy some ear plugs and hope for the best.

Tiffany Do is a sophomore from San Francisco, Calif. She can be reached at


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