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Combating my self-doubt one day at a time

I was walking across campus the other day and there wasn't a person in site. I felt my gnawing social anxiety fade away as I immersed myself into my music and the silences between songs.


Racism still prevalent, even with my peers

On Sept. 15, Nina Davuluri was crowned 2013's Miss America and is considered the first Indian-American to win the pageant. Naturally, American's took to social media to share their opinions of her and what followed was disappointing. There were an outrageous number of people calling her a terrorist claiming that America had just crowned a member of Al-Qaeda.


Defending myself in a hairy situation

I bet you didn't know that the cafeteria has "everything" bagels that have such an extensive array of ingredients they could out-do any bagel shop. Unfortunately these bagels actually have everything: including balls of human hair.


Students need to face economic reality

Most students are "literally dying" to get the newest iPhone. We spend much of our hard-earned money on ourselves, and some of us are blessed enough to have parents who provide us with an allowance or who can send money when we are lacking.


Letter to the editor: Parking headaches

It is that time of the year when we realize the unavoidable parking headaches. We immediately hear students complaining, and rightly so, about the lack of parking spots on campus. Similarly, faculty members complain about it too. We begin to feel a sense of d?©j?  vu, and thereby remembering having had a similar experience before. It is only reasonable to expect that since students and faculty members pay a fee to park on campus, they have a right to a parking spot on campus rather than having to park somewhere else. Yet the analogy between a student's right and a faculty member's right to a parking spot on campus is rather weak. Students have a right to a parking spot, but they are free to attend class or not, or to come late to class if they so desire. If they choose not to attend class or to come late to class, they are not in bridge of a legal contract.


University tradition runs deep in print

Since 1856, Seton Hall University has established many traditions that unite our community. Some of the most notable traditions are Mass, Blue Day, convocation, avoiding stepping on the seal, the Christmas tree lighting, visiting the Pirate statue for good luck, and going to basketball games. Another longstanding tradition at SHU is the publication of The Setonian.


At year's end, more can always be done

As this semester quickly comes to an end and students prepare for finals, various end of the year activities and of course graduation, we would like to take this opportunity to recap topics that were discussed in The Voice this school year.


Releasing more 'Star Wars' movies could be a good idea

Recently, Disney announced it would be releasing a "Star Wars" film every year starting in 2015. It will first make "Episode VII," then produce a spin-off the next year (possibly about Boba Fett or young Han Solo), then come out with "Episode VIII" a year later and so on. Understandably, the response from "Star Wars" fans has varied.


Laptop selection for next year unites SHU

As stated in last week's Setonian, school officials have finalized the laptop selection for next year. Instead of stu­dents receiving the slate or Samung Ul­traBook, students will be receiving the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix.

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