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Your major may not always dictate your career path

Let's face it: the pressure to be employed upon graduation is put on students from the time they choose their major.

Likewise, the pressure is just as high to choose a major that promises employment and has a high hiring rate for recent graduates.

Journalism is a famously low-paying major across the board, especially for recent graduates. However, this does not mean students should not be choosing this path. Despite what the statistics say, you should choose a major that you will enjoy.

Abiding by the saying "do what you love and love what you do" will make you much happier in life than trying to play it safe and choose a major that statistically pays well.

Also, the statistics do not apply to everyone. You should consider possible salaries for your lifestyle preferences, however, your career may not be in your major.

Over your four years in college, your major may change a handful of times.

What you want when you enroll in school is often not exactly what happens upon graduation. Many people end up employed outside of their field of study and this often results in people who love their jobs more than they ever thought they would. The unexpected job opportunities that you may come across through alumni, online or at career fairs could mean a totally different job than your original course of study.

There is no shame in working outside your major, or being undecided freshman year.

Our generation is expected to change jobs more than any other, so having tunnel vision about landing one perfect job could cause you to blind yourself from the chance of a lifetime.

It is better to find out what you do not like to do before graduation.

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