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Parking fix illicits mixed reactions in community

Last week the Galleon Lawn underwent a makeover intended to help relieve the parking stress on campus. What once served as an open space used for leisure now exists as a temporary parking lot.

It's no secret that parking on campus is an issue. Students, faculty and staff have found themselves searching endlessly for a space and have grown frustrated as a result. However while it seems the community is eager for a solution they are displeased with the one provided.

When The Setonian asked readers opinions of the temporary lot, many were concerned over the look of campus and seemed opposed to losing the space for the time being.

Parking on campus has become a serious quality of life issue. Many of the concerns our readers ex- pressed were that the lot takes away from the beauty of the Galleon Lawn.

Unfortunately, we cannot have the full Galleon Lawn and sufficient parking right now. It is a sacrifice that everyone in the community is allowed to be upset about, but everyone needs to understand that this is only temporary. Replacing one complaint with another is what some people would call "looking the gift horse in the mouth." If the majority of your peers and other community members cite parking as a top stress and concern for daily life, then being upset at the solution provided does not prove constructive.

The University is doing what it can to ease the tension parking has created, but in order to continue to move forward they need our support. The Setonian urges everyone to continue to provide feedback and constructive criticism while understanding that only so much can be done on short notice. We are feeling the effects of growing pains and for now we must be patient.


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