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Students need to be good sports, support SHU

Not everyone likes basketball. Some people hate sports in general, college or professional.

This is obviously acceptable. But there is no reason to insult your own team, and therefore, insult your University.

The men's basketball team has not made the NCAA tournament in seven years.

Let's look at this fact in a different light. Try something like, the men's basketball team made the NCAA tournament in 2006, and the recruiting class looks stellar.

Keep your hope for our home team in the present and also look to the future.

Dwelling on past losses and tougher seasons, or using those examples to be sour about the arrival of basketball season creates a negative attitude that affects your peers.

If you were on the basketball team, or any athletic squad for that matter, would you want to walk around hearing the reasons people have for being unsupportive?

Seton Hall football is undefeated. We have all heard that joke, or even purchased it in T-shirt form from the bookstore.

All of our sports are equally important, even if SHU is not a "football school."

From swimming and diving to club sports to the men's and women's basketball team, every athlete works hard to represent the school and do his or her best.

The cheerleaders and the dance team also work hard for the sake of the athletes and for the sake of us all: the fan base.

The student media work hard to make sure Se- ton Hall fans everywhere are up to date on their favorite athletes.

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Why knock all of these efforts by cultivating a negative attitude? Whether they sweep the Big East Tournament, make the NCAA and stun the country, or if they do not even come close to that, this is your team.

You are a Seton Hall Pirate, as are they.

Having a negative culture about our sports creates an air of negativity at the school, which is the last thing anyone needs.

Don't spoil everyone else's fun, or make overreaching comments about the school in general just because of athletic performance.

And if you hear someone bashing the Pirates, say something.


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