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This is why we can't have nice things

Why is it that every time something new comes along, someone has to go and use it for exploitation or bullying? Better yet, why has this escalated to people exploiting themselves for online infamy?

Seton Hall is not the only University to have Twitter handles not affiliated with the school using the school name and logo on accounts of a scandalous nature. The New Yorker recently published an article online based on the anxiety-ridden student body at Fordham University after a "Fordham Makeouts" Twitter account was created.

Catholic university or not, these Twitter accounts like "SHU Makeouts" and "SHU Confessions" are provocative and disgusting. It is cowardly to hide behind the anonymity of Twitter or social media sites such as or the formerly popular formspring. Whoever created these inappropriate Twitter forums is not doing anything illegal. Freedom of speech is what it is, and should not be taken away. Unfortunately, this is abused through posting of anonymous comments and images.

News stories tell us of how young girls and boys are committing suicide because of exploitation or bullying on the Internet. Stories also tell of trends on sites such as YouTube, where young teens post videos and photos and ask commenters to rate their attractiveness. People put themselves out there on purpose, anonymously or not, and risk having derogatory, demeaning or sexually charged things said about them.

Curse words and crude commentary are always inappropriate. College students should be old enough to clean up our vocabulary. The photos are a whole other layer within the realm of internet exploitation. If you're bored, take up a hobby - don't be a mouthpiece for immature and embarrassing comments.

By the way, nothing is ever fully deleted.


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