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Decisions regarding future plans worry a junior

College is full of decisions. Oftentimes they are as simple as picking a room on campus or perhaps as complex as deciding on a major. The first two years are packed with new experiences, friends, jobs and opportunities and by the time we reach the ever anticipated summer break before the start of our junior year, we are inevitably exhausted. Just when we think we are out of the dark, junior year hits us with a new round of decisions that pack far more of a punch than their first-year counterparts. Not only do we begin taking the upper-classmen courses that include rigorous coursework pertinent to our ma­jor but the decisions we face of­tentimes affect more than just our college careers.


NBA drama should be kept in-house instead of on ESPN

It's obvious that the media in professional sports has helped take the level of entertainment to that of not only a game but a reality show. The real problems though, are the players' loose lips and their coaches' lack of disci­pline.


Seton Hall should give students a choice in meatless Fridays

With yesterday marking the be­ginning of the Lenten Season in the Catholic Church, I can't help but a feel a little anxiety about what the cafeteria will hold in store for tomorrow. During this season in the church, for any of those who do not know, believers are asked to give up meat on Fri­days.


Pirate basketball: A tough season but not a complete loss

Over the past nine games, eight loses have been registered by a once promising basketball team. The Pirates got off to a 12-2 start this season and seemed to be headed in the right direction. Within the last nine games a to­tally different team has seemed to take the court each night.


A student urges, stop complaining about the caf

Be thankful for our cafeteria, its food and its workers. By no means am I saying that the caf is perfect but it is still something students should be grateful for. No, the food that's served there is not as good as your parents' home-cook­ing or as delicious and made with love as your grandmother's des­serts, so on and so forth. We've all heard the shtick; I've participated in it once or twice, I won't lie.


Increased technology at SHU: Better for us?

We have smartphones for freshmen featuring customized "Freshman Expe­rience" apps, Blackboard, SHUmobile app for smartphones, upgraded laptops and even i-clickers that measure a stu­dent's participation in class ? all tech­nological advancements that Seton Hall has made recently to enhance the learn­ing experience.


Setting small goals is better than one huge resolution

The new year, for me, usually means watching everyone getting caught up in the frenzy of setting resolutions. I say watching be­cause over the years I've found myself not needing to set a goal that will more or less be forgotten by mid-February.


The spirit of giving still strong at the Hall

"This break went by too fast," "I did not get anything accomplished over break," and "I wish that winter break was longer," are all common statements we heard as we reunited with friends and professors during our first week back. As we all start getting back into the swing of things, it is heartwarming to notice that the holiday spirit of giving is still strong on campus.

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