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A student urges, stop complaining about the caf

Be thankful for our cafeteria, its food and its workers. By no means am I saying that the caf is perfect but it is still something students should be grateful for. No, the food that's served there is not as good as your parents' home-cook­ing or as delicious and made with love as your grandmother's des­serts, so on and so forth. We've all heard the shtick; I've participated in it once or twice, I won't lie.


Increased technology at SHU: Better for us?

We have smartphones for freshmen featuring customized "Freshman Expe­rience" apps, Blackboard, SHUmobile app for smartphones, upgraded laptops and even i-clickers that measure a stu­dent's participation in class ? all tech­nological advancements that Seton Hall has made recently to enhance the learn­ing experience.


Setting small goals is better than one huge resolution

The new year, for me, usually means watching everyone getting caught up in the frenzy of setting resolutions. I say watching be­cause over the years I've found myself not needing to set a goal that will more or less be forgotten by mid-February.


The spirit of giving still strong at the Hall

"This break went by too fast," "I did not get anything accomplished over break," and "I wish that winter break was longer," are all common statements we heard as we reunited with friends and professors during our first week back. As we all start getting back into the swing of things, it is heartwarming to notice that the holiday spirit of giving is still strong on campus.


Posting Facebook chain letter does not protect you

In response to the new Facebook privacy chain letter, I hereby pro­claim my fabricated copyright on all of the selfies, ranting statuses, and already illegally shared You­Tube videos on my timeline, of­ficially ensuring the rights to me and only me, despite the initial privacy agreement I already ad­here to as a member of Facebook, and the rights I agreed to as soon as I sold my soul to social media by uploading my first cyber foot­print.


Use your time during winter break positively

Winter break is fast approaching, bringing joy and excitement to both stu­dents and professors. After cramming for finals and participating in late night study sessions, the thought that less than two weeks are left in the semester sounds amazing.


Letter to the Editor: Off-Campus Discipline Policy Is Unjust

The Setonian featured an article last issue that explained Seton Hall University's office of Com­munity Development's policy on penalties for noise ordinance violations or any other police re­ports that take place at off-cam­pus residences here in South Or­ange. The policy places students who live in non-school funded residences liable to fines and other punishments for being involved in reports from the South Orange Po­lice Department. These students are subjected to appearing before the Community Standard Review Board upon request. The policy was implemented by the Univer­sity under the pretense that Seton Hall University students represent the school and its principles even when they are not on campus. However, the reality is that this policy unjustly holds off campus students in a state of "double jeop­ardy," having to pay the school after paying the South Orange Po­lice Department for the very same offense.


Final exams should be taken when scheduled

As November comes to an end and December begins, excitement and anxiety build. Not only is Christmas just 26 days away, but final exams are starting in exactly 13 days. The countdown to the conclusion of the semester has begun - study ses­sions and all-nighters will soon begin.

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