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Seton Hall: Do not be fooled by solicitors

As stated in this week's Setonian, there are a growing number of individuals try­ing to solicit to members of the Seton Hall community. Primarily, solicitors have been observed trying to get pro­fessors and students to sell used text­books. Some solicitors have even been observed going door-to-door to various professors' offices, asking them to sell their used textbooks.

Seton Hall has a strict no-solicitation policy. Although Seton Hall is an open campus, any individual soliciting on campus is considered a trespasser un­less they first receive permission from the Department of Community Develop­ment.

It is important that all within the Seton Hall community are aware of these solici­tors. If anyone is approached on campus by a solicitor, they should immediately contact Public Safety.

This is important because although this is an open campus, all within the Seton Hall community should feel as if they are still on a school's campus and not at a marketplace surrounded by vendors. The need to feel comfortable on campus is important.

Solicitors have also been emailing stu­dents regarding the possibility of selling their textbooks. If you receive an email from a solicitor, notify school administra­tors immediately.

As the weather gets warmer and more stu­dents are outside, let us all remember to not be fooled by these "sale's people."


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