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The Voice: SHU should reward success, not mediocrity

Seton Hall has had many successful, and not so successful, teams over the years. Most noted would be the 1989 men's basketball team that made it to the NCAA Championship game. Last year, Seton Hall witnessed the end to a few of the most successful athletic programs, indoor and outdoor track and field.


Making the Case for University-Sanctioned Greek Housing at Seton Hall

The fatal act of violence which occurred one mile from Seton Hall's campus on Friday, took place in, what an article on was quick to point out, an "unsanctioned" Greek life house. The university should reexamine its policy in sanctioning Greek life housing in order to create a safer environment for students.


Alyana's Angle: You pay for credits, why not pay attention in class?

As the first few weeks of the semester dwindle down, it seems like the attention span of many students is doing the same. The first week or so of the semester students seem to pay attention, take notes and listen to what their professors say, but what I've noticed in my time at Seton Hall is that it does not tend to last.


Sit Down & Shut Up: Don't make SHU a suitcase school

Seton Hall is typically referred to as a suitcase school. Why? Because the bulk of students are from New York, New Jersey and other surrounding areas, and home is a convenient way to spend the weekend. Does Seton Hall have to be a suitcase school? Absolutely not, but it is.


Hate crimes should not be an afterthought

Last week congressional Democrats finally managed to accomplish a decade-old goal: expanding the definition of federal hate crimes to include sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability. President Barack Obama promptly signed this landmark civil-rights legislation into law, and civil-rights organizations hailed the accomplishment.


The Voice: Time for students to advocate for safety

The last few years have seen the midpoint of the fall semester coincide with off-campus muggings. It's almost commonplace for us students, from the heightened security to the broadcast e-mails with safety tips that blast out to our inboxes following an incident.


Proudly covering Hollywood

As a freshman I covered the diplomacy beat for The Setonian's news section. One of my articles included interviewing the former ambassador to Turkey concerning his thoughts about the recession and the upcoming Beijing Olympics.


Absence of athletics hurts U Day schedule

The slogan for this year's University Day was "Come Home to the Hall." The slogan, along with the scheduled activities and parent weekend that occurring throughout the weekend, would seem to imply that University Day is almost like Seton Hall's homecoming.

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