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Bookstore should ensure students receive textbooks

With the third week of the Spring semester in full swing, students are buckling down and getting to work on their incoming assignments. Or they should be, at least.

It becomes increasingly difficult to do the readings a professor has assigned and will most likely quiz you on, however, when the bookstore fails to deliver your books on time, or they mysteriously cancel the order you put in weeks ago.

Students need their books to do the majority of their class work, this is an undisputable truth. Falling two or three weeks behind on reading because a book you have already paid for is on "back order" or is sitting in the stockroom yet to be properly bundled seems counterproductive for a bookstore at an academic institution.

Providing students with a more reliable way to receive their books would not only benefit the students, but it would benefit the store as well. With more and more websites allowing students to purchase their books elsewhere popping up every day, being more reliable would allow the bookstore to retain business.

While I know that not everything can be perfect, I feel that there should be a better system in place for determining what books need to be ordered and in what quantities to meet student needs.

The bookstore should be aware of the number of students enrolled in each class so that they have a framework by which they can place orders and get students the books they need, when they need them.

Students need their books and by the third week of class, the bookstore should have provided them with what they ordered so that they complete their assignments.

Alyana Alfaro is a junior journalism major from Randolph, NJ. She can be reached at


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