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The Voice: Students, University must work to end plagiarism

Students need to be more aware of what constitutes plagiarism, and the University should make sure that students understand what constitutes plagiarism early in their collegiete careers.

In our Page 3 story on plagiarism, The Setonian reveals that professors are concerned with what they perceive as a growing problem.

As student journalists who write on a weekly basis, we know how easy it can be to leave a source un-attributed; however, we know the dangers of doing so. Failure to cite sources in our stories would de-legitimize our work. Attribution lends credit to our articles, allowing our readers to trust that our stories are factual and accurate.

Just as we must cite our sources in our articles, so must we cite our sources in our academic papers. Anytime students borrow an idea, passage or concept from another author for an academic paper, they must make sure to give credit to the person whose work they are using. Just because the information can be found using a simple Google search and is available in the public domain does not mean it is common knowledge and does not need a citation.

Students must be responsible for their work, and under no circumstances should students engage in acts of plagiarism. It is the responsibility of students to make sure they are not violating their professors' policies. If you are unsure of your professors' plagiarism policies, ask for clarification.

Professors on the other hand, should take the time to make sure students understand their policies when they hand out their syllabi.

The University Core program would be a fantastic opportunity to educate students about plagiarism. The University should incorporate plagiarism education sections in their University Life or College English classes.


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