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The Voice: SHU on thin ice for winter weather response

When students woke up on Tuesday morning, freezing rain had coated the Seton Hall campus and South Orange in ice. The University proceeded to hold classes despite slick walkways on campus and icy roads.

Students got up and made their way to classes. Many of The Setonian's editors slipped on icy walkways as we made our way to our classes. One member of our staff had a random stranger catch her and keep her from falling. Other editors pointed out that some areas, such as the sidewalk around the Rec. Center, were salted before the areas around academic buildings and residence halls.

It was not until approximately 2 p.m. that the University released a Pirate Alert closing the campus half-an-hour later.

Tuesday's events have left us questioning the University's priorities.

If Seton Hall is going to insist students risk a bruised tailbone or other injury while they attempt to skate to class, the least the University could do is work to salt walkways from dorms and parking lots to academic buildings before it salts outside the Rec. Center.

Additionally, some of our professors canceled their in efforts to ensure student safety, despite the University still being open. If only Seton Hall would take a cue from some of our professors and work to ensure not only the safety of our on-campus residents, but the safety of students and faculty who must commute from home. Even if campus is in a good enough state to hold classes, the surrounding roads may make the trip to school dangerous for those who must first make it to SHU before they make it to class.

We also would like to commend our fellow students who went out of their way to help each other make it to class safely.

The Setonian would like to see the University develop a comprehensive plan for dealing with inclement weather. Even if this means suggesting certain walkways over others, it would greatly improve the safety for all those on the campus during a storm.


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