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Garden deserves respect, will benefit SHU community

Seton Hall's decision to partner with Gourmet Dining Services and found a sustainable garden between Xavier Hall and the Caf is a welcome way for the University to promote greater environmental stewardship. The Setonian hopes students will respect the new garden and refrain from vandalizing it.


Customer service is dead

I have worked in various retail jobs part-time for the past four years, and it has always been my experience that happy customers are good customers. So I try my best to be friendly and courteous towards them. Customers are not only essentially the source of my paycheck, but they are also human beings. They have mood swings and bad days, the same as I do.


University fees for off-campus housing options are excessive

This year, Housing and Residence Life announced that priority points would become even more competitive, with the point requirements rising for both room retention and roommate pull-in. On-campus living has therefore become more competitive, with a limited number of spaces in prime residence halls such as Xavier or Cabrini. Many students may find themselves turning to off-campus options, but they likely will not find any Seton Hall affiliated, unless they are willing to pay an unnecessary high price.


Bitettes and Pieces: Maintain dignity or get rich?

Some cast members of the Jersey Shore are said to make $30,000 an episode for season three of the show. This is not including the extra cash they collect for club appearances, Pauly D's makes up to $80,000 a week for his DJ work according to New York Post, or the products they put their name behind.


Thank you for listening

Late Monday night I was woken up with the main-line phone number of Seton Hall flashing on my phone. After picking up, I was informed yet another armed robbery occurred close to campus.


Lady Gaga lacks class, music lacks a message

Allow me to preface this by admitting I know the majority of readers may fervently disagree with my sentiments, but I continue to be blown away by the antics of Lady Gaga (and not in a good way). Of course, her popularity has grown endlessly since "Just Dance" and I do commend her for some catchy tunes and being able to make it in a tough industry.


U.S. should take hint from abroad and lower cost of higher education

Sewanee, a liberal arts college in Tennessee, recently announced that for the 2011-2012 school year, it will cut tuition costs by 10 percent, according to The New York Times. While Sewanee undoubtedly hopes that this will increase applicants and stop the transfer of students to public universities in the state, experts have said Sewanee's decision to cut costs is, at best, a baby step in the right direction.


The Voice: Activities fees should be used for large events

The Setonian has reservations regarding Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Karen Van Norman's proposal to introduce a $50-per-semester Student Activities Fee. The majority of our editors feel that students pay Seton Hall more than enough money to the University as it is. However, we would support a fee under certain conditions.

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