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Tis 'the little things' that matter

The holiday season is upon us and for most of us students, our heads are either crammed with last minute knowledge for finals or glued to our computer screens, shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts.


Spread culture at Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is more than a time to reflect on the valuable people and opportunities in our lives. It is a time to reflect on our heritage as Americans. Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays exclusively known to be American, other than Canada’s own October Thanksgiving holiday which is more about the fall season and not pilgrims.


Decision to legalize sports gambling sparks debate

NBA fans knew Adam Silver wasn’t David Stern. They knew that the 1984 graduate of Duke, who went on to obtain a law degree from the University of Chicago, would bring a new perspective to the league when he assumed the position as commissioner last Feb. 2014. In the months that followed he was faced with the Donald Sterling-Clippers controversy, and by most accounts, he handled it with authority and leadership that surpassed his predecessor during his infamous 30-year reign.


Basketball pride is Pirate pride

Pirates, the moment you all have been waiting for has finally arrived: basketball season. The gathering of friends before the game to prepare, the bus ride to the Prudential Center, the actual time spent laughing, cheering (maybe crying, depending on how the game is going) in the stands, the celebrations or group condolence sessions afterward…it’s all what makes us Pirates.


Park the attitude, be thankful

Paking has gotten much better with the recent addition to the parking deck, so it is hard to believe students are still complaining. One issue, as Kevin Scimecca wrote in his article this week, is that students do not like how far they have to walk to class from the parking deck. If you want to get a good spot by your classroom, then get here earlier. It seems ridiculous that students are now demanding parking near their classrooms.


Let adults make their own decisions

The policies on drinking may seem strict at Seton Hall compared to other schools, such as Rutgers --where it sometimes seems “party” and “campus” go hand in hand. This possibly is because we are a Catholic university, and administrators feel more responsible for students’ well being.


Stop being a parasite to our planet

One of the perks of going to Seton Hall University definitely is the close vicinity to the NJ Transit train station where you are easily transported to the hustle and bustle of New York City, Hoboken, Jersey City, etc. For the job and internship opportunities, along with somewhere fun to go over the weekend, certaintly no one is complaining about this access.

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