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Park the attitude, be thankful

Paking has gotten much better with the recent addition to the parking deck, so it is hard to believe students are still complaining. One issue, as Kevin Scimecca wrote in his article this week, is that students do not like how far they have to walk to class from the parking deck. If you want to get a good spot by your classroom, then get here earlier. It seems ridiculous that students are now demanding parking near their classrooms.

If no one has noticed, there really is not space for that, unless students are expecting to knock down the surrounding neighborhoods so they do not have to walk five minutes to class. If you get a job in the city, which many students probably will, please complain to your employer about the long distance you have to walk from the train station to your building and see how that goes over. Exercise is good for the body and mind. It’ll wake you up before class.

Also, there was an expressed concern about the new addition being in a “sketchy” area and students do not feel comfortable walking there at night. Just to remind everyone, this is a gated university, even more so at night. The Boland Gate closes early and every other gate that closes at midnight has a security officer manning it. Security is everywhere and just because it is a little dark on the new side of the parking deck does not mean criminals will be lurking there. Again, we are gated in. You will most likely be just fine. ’Tis the season to be thankful, kids.


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