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Former Pirates Return for Softball Alumni Game

[caption id="attachment_15326" align="alignnone" width="300"]thumbnail_ao4t4777 Photo via SHUPirates[/caption] Several former Seton Hall softball players returned to Mike Sheppard Sr. Field on Saturday morning for the annual Alumni Game as the Pirate community celebrates Seton Hall Weekend. The Alumni team took on the current Seton Hall softball squad, a four-inning contest that ended with a 4-0 victory for the current softball team. While scores and stats were kept, the main focus for all the players that took the field was to have fun. “It’s such a serious thing when you get into season and you’re practicing, so to get to come out here and just not worry about the runs or the outs or anything like that…is a big deal,” junior Alexis Walkden said. “It’s always such fun competition and to see girls that you graduated with and even girls you’ve heard about that graduated years before you,” alumnus Brittany Hammer said, who graduated from The Hall back in 2013. Hammer had a base hit in the first inning and a nice diving catch at shortstop in the second. “It’s an awesome experience just to take the field with a whole range of ages, range of skills, talents. It’s a lot of fun.” Hammer, who hit .300 in 53 games back in her senior season at Seton Hall, was one of the many alumni playing with smiles on their faces all morning long. “I’m definitely going to come back in years to come," Hammer said. "It’s awesome to see how the program is growing. It’s come such a long way even since I’ve been here in the last four years, but even from the program’s inception." Head Coach Paige Smith stressed the benefit of the laid back environment and how it will help her team moving forward. “Our team has fun a lot, but I think it’s a good reminder that you can achieve things that you didn’t know you were able to do if you just simply relax and have a good time.” Smith also spoke on the importance of the connection between the current players and the alumni, mentioning the leadership roles those alumni have. “In our alums, we have some very powerful people, some people that can really help mentor our team, and I think that’s what it’s about.” The Pirates continue their fall season next Sunday at home as they will play a doubleheader against Division II opponent Caldwell. First pitch is scheduled for 12 p.m. Matt Ambrose can be reached at or on Twitter @mambrose97.


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