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Public Safety should continue to notify students of crimes

Seton Hall's Department of Public Safety and Security has an obligation to do whatever it may in order to increase the safety of individual students in the area around the South Orange campus, especially when it has knowledge of nearby incidents of crime. This paper has long advocated for the notification of students when these incidents occur.


Involvement Fair offers opportunities for students to succeed on-campus

In the four or more years that many of us will spend at this University, or in any university for that matter, we will continuously be given advice. This advice will come from our families, friends, professors and from people from all different walks of life. We will be told to make friends, to study hard, and almost always, most importantly, be told to get involved.


Finding my niche: Something for everyone at the Involvement Fair

When I began my career at Seton Hall three long years ago, all of my professors, and the upperclassmen I met kept stressing the importance of getting involved on-campus. As a semi-confused journalism major not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my eventual degree, I took the advice and promised myself that I would hit the ground running when the opportunity presented itself.


Extracirricular activities central to making memories in college

As syllabus week ends and the real work begins, many students may find themselves surrendering to the monotony: go to class, do your homework, cram for the midterm, try to complete all the readings and finish the paper at the last minute. School is hard, sometimes tedious, and does not always leave space for a student to put forth a personal, creative effort. But let's face it: when looking back on your four (or more) years in college, will you remember every single class, or the memories you made when you were showing SHU the real you?


Gov. Christie wrong decision for commencement speaker

Asking Gov. Christie to speak at a university commencement exercise is a bit like inviting Charlie Sheen to speak at an AA convention. You just don't do it. Not when the choice of commencement speaker is always a statement about what a university values.


Time as editor worth the trouble

In the past two years, I've been called everything from an idiot to Rush Limbaugh to, perhaps most offensive of all, a Nickleback sympathizer. Fellow students, (former) friends and even complete strangers have excoriated me in print, message boards and personal emails, all because of a 450-500 word review of a CD.


Remembering my mother, who helped me choose the Hall

February 2007. I'm an eager senior in high school who recently got accepted to Seton Hall University. Being that I'm from Florida and had never stepped foot in the state of New Jersey, we scheduled a trip up north to check it out. I first learned of Seton Hall at a college fair in Tampa that I attended when I was a high school sophomore. My family went mostly for my older brother who was a junior at the time, but I tagged along.


And the show continues on

As I was watching the final performance of the play I recently directed for Theatre Council, for the first time, I was able to watch and enjoy without any anxiety. It was because it was the end, the last show.


Shutter Orange: Village needs to better protect citizens

Over and over again this school year, students have been reminded to walk in pairs in South Orange. Despite the quaint locale of South Orange Avenue and the harmless appearance of its quiet side streets, by now we all recognize, or should recognize, that South Orange is a dangerous place to meander, especially at night.

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