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A word on Greek Life: Why it is worth a shot

Coming into college, I had the aspirations to join a fraternity, but I know that is not the case with everyone. Some are on the fence because they are worried about hazing, they are worried about the money, or they just do not understand the concept of Greek Life. To those who are on the fence, take it from me, a brother in a fraternity, going Greek is the best decision you will ever make. Seton Hall has a strict no hazing policy, so no organization will make a pledge drink their brains out or anything that will put a pledge in harm. Degrading a person because they want to become part of an organization is just not cool, and will not be tolerated. The money factor plays a huge part in the decision of anyone, as it should, but every cent is worth it. To those who say that paying money to a fraternity or a sorority is "paying for friends," you're completely wrong. What you are paying for is an enhanced college experience. I have 37 brothers who drive me to better myself every day. My brothers have encouraged me to be the best I can, and they won't stand for anything less. Having that many people push me to my full potential encourages me to make them proud. Besides my family, they are the last people in the world I want to disappoint. I am the news copy editor for this paper; I am an Assistant Technical Operations Director at WSOU. And I am involved in National Residence Hall Honorary, for the top 1 percent of leaders on campus. To say that I am just some "dumb frat boy" who isn't involved in anything else, think again. That money also goes to developing brotherhood, by paying for trips or events. For instance, my organization is planning a trip to Philadelphia for cheese steaks. We are also planning a trip to see the 9/11 Memorial together as a group. It is events like these that make Greek life great. Events like these bring those who share the same values together to improve the morale of an organization. So give Greek life a shot. Put the stereotypes aside and see what each organization has to offer. There truly is an organization out there for everyone. The wonderful world of Greek Life is an amazing opportunity offered at the Hall and going Greek is the best decision I have ever made. I can count on those 37 men at any time to help me through any situation. Where else are you going to find that? T.J. Brennan is a sophomore journalism major from Floral Park, NY. He can be reached at


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