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Review of “You” – Fourth Season Episode 1 Premiere

The Netflix series “You” has fans rooting for the anti-hero in the fourth season of the psychological thriller. Produced by Berlanti Productions and others, developed by Greg Berlanti Sera Gamble, “You” has viewers raving about this two-part season premiered on Feb.9 and March 9, 2023. Penn Badgley (plays as Jonathan Moore) has caught viewers’ attention playing the role of an obsessive, murderous, stalker. 

Famously known as Joe Goldberg, now assumed the identity of Jonathan Moore (Penn Badgley), moves to London in hopes of running away from the literal skeletons in his closet. Obsessive, stalker, and murderer, Jonathan Moore tries to deny these labels by starting a new life without killing anybody or forcing a woman to love him, the most recent obsession being Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle). After Jonathan leaves Paris in hopes Marienne would forget the past murders and kidnappings, he finds himself teaching at a university in London. Here he meets his coworkers and neighbors, Malcolm (Stephen Hagan) and Kate Galvin (Charlotte Ritchie) – both two of the wealthiest people in London. 

After playing the “hero,” Malcolm invites Jonathan to an elitist party, where only the richest and most royal people are invited to drink and secretly hate each other. This is where Jonathan gets to know everybody like Lady Phoebe (Tilly Keeper) and Adam (Lukas Gage), while internalizing the hatred for their morals and privileges. Many drinks later, Jonathan finds himself back home the morning after with an unexpected and unwarranted surprise on his kitchen table. Back to his roots, Jonathan maneuvers yet another impossible mission while remaining in the shadows. The plot quickly turns to a “Whodunnit,” completely changing the original theme of the show. Jonathan finds himself in a totally different situation, but a murderous one at that.  

Following the same voiceover technique since season one, viewers are able to listen to the internalized thoughts of Jonathan Moore. Clearly dealing with many mental disorders, we’re able to empathize with him and see life how he truly views it. This aspect of the show never fails to thicken the plot and have viewers sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to hear his next unimaginable idea. 

The audio aspect of the show is something to appreciate while watching the elites interact and seeing them from a narcissists point of view. The music choice throughout the show emphasizes important scenes that draw your attention to detail. With gory, explicit and nude parts, the show brings to life the love Americans have for the anti-hero and music. For example, while Jonathan cleaned up the morning surprise, “I Like it” by Cardi B played in the background, strengthening the devious theme in the show. 

The show forces you to feel torn between what’s right and wrong. You’re able to understand why Jonathan does certain things, but those things would get you a life sentence in prison. The episode makes you almost question yourself, especially when Jonathan listens to how the elites in London see middle-class citizens and people who only make six-figures. The first scene where Jonathan meets the rich for the first time, you’re able to understand why it’s so easy to forgive Jonathan for what he wakes up to the morning after. 

Throughout the episode, you see Jonathan torn between his past and his murder less future. Struggling with the heartbreak of Marienne, you almost want him to find love again. Berlanti was able to portray the empathy for Jonathan, even after all those “mistakes.” The producers brought to life mental disorders and the internal thoughts that surround them. The show romanticizes a killer, stalker and unwell person through vivid visuals and audio to hone in on the important scenes like Jonathan deciding between killing or saving. 

Since the huge turnaround to a more “Whodunnit” plot to the show instead of the murderer being blatantly obvious, it brings a new audience to the show. The psychology behind the show will surprise anyone with an interest in mystery and thrillers. I would highly recommend this show if you loved cinema that keeps you on the edge of your couch. A fifth season has been renewed for the obsessive Netflix series. Who and where will Jonathan be next?

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