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Band seeks fresh start with same message

Michael Gallucci, a sophomore political science major and music production and sound engineering minor, is part of a band called “Chase the Chariot.” The band performs a variety of songs in the pop and blues genres. [caption id="attachment_24671" align="alignnone" width="683"] Photo courtesy of Michael Gallucci[/caption] Originally from Charlotte, N.C., Gallucci said he found a Facebook page based on Charlotte bass musicians. Then, former band member, Alex Nicholson, reached out to Gallucci and invited him to play in late 2016. Gallucci played the bass while Levi Stuart, another band member, sang and played the guitar. Nicholson wrote songs. The band released an album called “By the Light,” which consists of four songs, “New Life,” “Candlelight,” “Bend, Don’t Break” and “Vagabond.” Gallucci said Nicholson left the band last year. However, he and Stuart decided to continue the band and come up with a different name. Although they still have not decided on a name, he said, Chase the Chariot was a jump start to their musical careers and the “By the Light” shows. Gallucci discussed his influences and his musical inspirations. “I love how John Mayer blends both pop and rock together with laid-back vocals,” Gallucci said. “I’m impressed with Third Eye Blind because of their earlier hits and ability to blend in punk rock and vulnerable tunes together, especially the raw lyric writing. I love Rage Against the Machine because of the gritty funk rock. I like Twenty-One Pilots for their stage performances and themes.” Gallucci said while Stuart continues to sing and play the guitar, he runs an online music business called “Good Gear,” which buys, sells and trades guitar equipment. He said Stuart currently lives in Fort Mill, S.C. Stuart’s influences are also John Mayer and Third Eye Blind. Gallucci said Stuart loves the Avid Brothers for their songwriting and how they present themselves. He is a fan of Christian rock and plays for churches. Gallucci said his favorite song to play is “New Life.” He said he believes that it is the most unique song the three bandmates wrote together, as well as the most professional and better-produced song. Gallucci said that this song has the power to revolutionize one’s own life because of the blues and rock, songwriting and lyrical feeling. As musicians, Gallucci said that his and Stuart’s goals are to expose the flaws in humanity and the grittiness of life, make music from the musician’s perspective, talk about human experience and express to their audience that “people struggle like other people struggle.” Taylor Newkirk, a junior psychology major, said she enjoys listening to the band’s songs as they give her “90s old movie vibes.” “I think that pop-blues is a good genre,” Newkirk said. “I do not listen to it often but if someone turns it on for me, I will listen willingly. I have not been let down yet. I think that Chase the Chariot is a good representation of pop-blues.” Desiree Harris, a senior biology major, said she also does not listen to pop and blues often, but enjoys listening to what the band produces. “The songs are cool and different from the norm,” Harris said. “I appreciated the artistry in each song. They weren’t repetitive and had good messages in them.” Gallucci said they also want to construct a more relaxed and acoustic environment for their audience and that they are planning on searching for gigs and would like to play in coffee-houses. The band is also searching for a drummer. The “By the Light” album can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and YouTube. Alexa Coughlin can be reached at


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