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Storage options available for distant SHU students

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="256"] All College Storage Twitter Account[/caption] With the end of the semester approaching quickly, students will have to move their belongings out of their dorms and find storage space. Aidan Dion, a freshman diplomacy major from Massachusetts, said that his parents will drive to Seton Hall and pack their car with his things before driving back home for the summer. Kevin Walsh, a sophomore nursing major from Chicago, was faced with the challenge of moving his belongings last spring semester. Walsh had no idea what to do with his belongings last year, but found his solution when he came across All College Storage, a storage business. Franchised in 2008, All College Storage stores student belongings for the summer. Walsh is the manager of the business for the Seton Hall community and started his position on campus in spring 2015. Last year, Walsh began the process of setting up the SHU part of the business on campus and he said the company served 32 SHU students. All College Storage will pick up student packed boxes at dorms and then deliver them to their new housing in fall. Walsh said it has been a long process and negotiations are still ongoing for the business to partner with the University. Even so, the company is able to operate on SHU’s campus without a contract and have been doing so since last spring. Other storage businesses such as Dorm2Dorm, charge monthly fees while All College Storage charges an initial fee and then a one-time fee for student storage requests. Dorm2Dorm charges students starting at $12 per month for its services. Students pay an initial fee of $30 for All College Storage when registering online and then pay a fee of $45 per box for the summer to store their belongings, Walsh said. The standard boxes available to students are 24x18x16”. Walsh said students can get as many boxes as they need from him, and that the All College Storage stores appliances such as mini-fridges and microwaves for students. Students who ship within the U.S. have to pay $59 per box, according to The prices for storing larger items are available on the company’s website. Students can contact Walsh through his SHU student email, or on the company’s website. SHU students may sign up for the storage service on All College Storage’s website. Walsh said he hires SHU crew only because it is more personal. There are nine Seton Hall students on his crew. “The best part is it’s run by students because students understand what students need,” Walsh said. Connor Cadrin, a sophomore biology major, is a crew member for the company. Kevin is a friend of his and introduced him to the business last year. Cadrin has worked for the storage company since last spring when Kevin started it for SHU. “It’s a fun job because I know all of the people,” Cadrin said of crew members and students on campus. Cadrin also said it’s fun to help others because it costs a lot of money to ship items, especially abroad, and the business is helping students to cut these costs. The students trust us and the business is great because of the availability it offers students, Cadrin added. Dion said he won’t consider summer storage because “it is easier to keep an eye on my things and my family can come down to see the school.” He added that he may consider storing his things away for summer with a storage business when he is a junior or senior. When Walsh first came across All College Storage he said he thought others could benefit from it. “We are the only ones whose service is at a cheap price and we make it easy for students,” Walsh said. Walsh added that the company’s motto is, “Student run, professionally done.” Samantha Todd can be reached at


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