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SGA continues focus on printing policy

The effort to raise the new printing limit was the first item discussed at Monday's Student Government Association meeting.

After a successful meeting with members of the administration on Sept. 18, Academic Affairs Committee Chair and At-Large Sen. Ivan Vilela thinks things are headed in a positive direction.

"They were very open and amicable to our ideas," Vilela said. "They will assess the situation …we are not sure on what grounds the limit will be changed, whether it will be by grade or major."

Vilela explained that limits may differ among students depending on their anticipated printing needs. There will be another meeting on Sept. 28 to continue the discussion on the paper limits.

Clubs waiting on room assignments are asked to be patient, as the SGA has put the requests through to the academic buildings and are now waiting for responses.

"We're waiting for the room assignments," Executive Board President Leonard Jones said. "It's out of our hands; we're just the middle people."

The first piece of legislation brought before the SGA was the Community Service Initiative, proposed by Executive Board Treasurer Sean Kennedy.

"Every sworn-in senator of the Student Government Association must attend and participate in a minimum of two Seton Hall sponsored community service events or projects per semester," reads the text of the bill. Failure to do so by any senator, including Executive Board members, will result in being called to go before Senate Leadership. Kennedy said he wants students to be encouraged to participate in the community.

"My hope is that students will do one or two programs and want to go back and do more," Kennedy said.

When Sen. Cole Gumm questioned why the bill limits applicable events to just Seton Hall-sponsored, Kennedy said, "the whole point is to get involved in the Seton Hall community."

Jones agreed that students need to get more involved in South Orange. "We are the student leaders on campus," Jones said. "We need to set the example."

The bill has been tabled until next week, when it will be debated and voted upon. The next two bills that were brought before the SGA were the Off-Campus Safe Location Resolution and the Off- Campus Resident Support Resolution, both proposed by Sen. Melissa Boege.

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The first addresses the issue of students not being allowed on campus while it is locked down. Therefore, it's Beoge's aim to find a location for students left off campus to go in that occasion. In the case of a lockdown, students off campus cannot come on campus and students on campus are not permitted to leave.

"If the campus is locked down and students are stuck off campus, there needs to be a place for them to go," Boege said. A location has not yet been proposed, because as Boege said "the people on the emergency preparedness team will have a better idea than I do of the location."

The second bill addresses the concerns for students who reside off campus in the village of South Orange. The goal of the Off-Campus Support Resolution is to form a task force to ensure that students are living in safe properties.

The resolution also hopes to resolve issues between students and non-Seton Hall residents of South Orange. The task force would be publicized, and easy available and accessible to students.

Boege emphasized the importance of the resolution. "It's important that students who live off-campus are given resources just as students who live on campus are," Boege said.

Both of these bills have been referred to the Student Life Committee for discussion and are tabled until next week, when they will be debated and voted upon.

Any students interested in joining the SGA are urged to come forward, as there are still Senate seats available in International, Business, Education, Nursing and Diplomacy constituencies. Twenty three students have applied, however all of them are freshmen and consequently will be competing for three freshmen seats.

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