Msgr. Liddy to retire from Seton Hall come August

As of Aug. 1, Monsignor Richard Liddy is retiring from his position as the Director of the Center for Catholic Studies. Liddy will still continue to teach here at Seton Hall University, according to Seton Hall Interim Provost Karen Borof.

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​Liddy has served as the Director of the Center for Catholic Studies since its founding in 1997. He attended Seton Hall Preparatory School in 1952 and then received his bachelor’s in 1960. He was a Lonergan Fellow at Boston University as well as a fellow at Georgetown University for the Woodstock Theological Center.

​Liddy is resigning from his role as director because of health concerns. He said he is concerned about his fatigue as well as wanting to focus on writing a book that he is working on. 

​The Center for Catholic Studies was founded to foster a dialogue to connect Catholic studies to all other aspects of learning on Seton Hall’s campus, according to Seton Hall’s website. The Center for Catholic Studies has expanded beyond its initial vision.

​Also according to the website, The Center for Catholic Studies, with Liddy’s help, has conducted the seminar, “The Core of the Core.” This seminar birthed many different aspects of the present curriculum of Seton Hall. This includes the current core curriculum in place for students as well as the major, minor and certificate in Catholic Studies. 

In 2012, the Center evolved into the Department of Catholic Studies that now has scholarships and activities.

​Liddy says he wants the Center of Catholic Studies to continue to link and integrate many different specialties together.

“The point is what vision do we have of the human person, the community and the future that can link all the different disciplines that link all the communities at SHU for a unified vision,” Liddy said.

Liddy said he enjoyed his time here at Seton Hall University with highlights including the community and religious aspects.

“Some highlights were the community dimensions, the friendships and group prayer,” Liddy said.

​Liddy said that he thoroughly enjoyed group prayers at Seton Hall. He met with a group of students every morning and night for 15 years. The group of students that meet now meet in the Xavier Chapel. He has also had the opportunity to be a part of many baptisms and weddings for the Seton Hall community.

​Boroff explained the impact that Liddy has had on the Seton Hall community.

“He has touched hundreds upon hundreds of us here at Seton Hall over the years – seminarians, administrators, faculty, undergraduates, staff and more, as we deepen our understanding of our Catholic faith and heritage” Boroff said.

Liddy enjoys praying with his priest community especially his fellow priest, Father Frizzell. Liddy and Frizzell pray every morning in the chapel for the future of the Seton Hall community.

“We are praying for the future of Seton Hall, that it grows in mindfulness and response to the Holy Spirit of God in every area,” Liddy said. “We pray for all the students, teachers, administrators, and staff at Seton Hall University that we become a more loving community.”

​The search for another Director of the Center for Catholic Studies began immediately according to the Seton Hall website. Liddy is going to be dedicating his time to make the transition between him and his successor seamless, according to Boroff.

​Boroff said that she believes that Monsignor Liddy has laid down an excellent foundation for whoever the successor may be.

​Along with still teaching here at Seton Hall and writing, Liddy says he will continue cheering on the basketball team.

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