Students share tips to get through the rest of the semester

With spring break and Easter break over, some students may be having difficulty finding inspiration to make the final push through the second half of the semester. To help those that are struggling, students are sharing their methods for surviving the second half of the semester.

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Surround yourself with support
Many students feel they are in a better place and can handle more stress when they have people around them who they know will encourage them to keep going. Katherine Dolan, a freshman communications major, said she plans to hang out with friends that make her feel good and they will get through the semester together.

Take advantage of the time you have
Many students are planning to handle their assignments sooner rather than later. Kristen Santullo, a sophomore secondary education and Italian major, said she planned to tackle many of her larger assignments over Easter break.
Brittany Setaro, a junior social and behavioral sciences major, said she is planning to pay close attention to deadlines and start working well before the deadline.
Organization is a good way to keep assignment due dates in mind and available for quick reference. Madeline Pfaff, a sophomore special education and English major, said she just started a planner and plans to keep it close until the end of the semester.

Make frequent trips for coffee
Some students are taking the cram and caffeine approach. Deana Gifford, a freshman elementary and special education major, said she is planning to camp out in the library and push through it. Other students are planning on using the generous supply of coffee on campus. It’s a good thing the library and Dunkin’ Donuts are in the same building.

Find a balance
The most important tip students talked about was finding a balance. “Devoting the proper amount of time to studies, sleep, and social life is vital,” said Hannah Curran, a freshman secondary special education major. Students are looking to keep themselves on good routines and healthy to concord the rest of the spring semester.

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