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Sophomore Discovery Program had a chance to connect with fellow residents before the move-in date during a special meet-and-greet event.

SDP is part of the Living Learning Community, a set of residence halls for students who wish to live in a specialized community.

Cheryl Janus, assistant director of housing operations and marketing, said these open houses help break the ice, giving residents a chance to get to know each other better.

“The purpose of these events was to allow students who were accepted into these small Living Learning Communities to meet each other and allow students to make potential roommate connections,” Janus said.

The SDP Meet and Greets are an initiative designed to strengthen members’ connections with the university community after freshman year, she said.

Janus said the importance of unity in a residence living area is paramount.

“An event such as (this) establishes the foundation for which the community is built upon and allows for friendships and relationships to develop even before the students move into their new rooms,” Janus said.

According to Janus, students are introduced to the expectations of their respective communities and participate in ice breaker games to get to know each other.

“The event was designed to help students learn more about the program, what we have planned for the year, and provide our future members to meet the community that they will get the opportunity to grow with,” said Rohan Thakkar, Housing and Residence Life residence coordinator. “Whether students are attending the Turrell Manor Open Houses or the SDP Meet and Greet, they can expect to meet the HRL staff who will be working to make their year successful.”

Thakkar said students enjoyed getting the chance to meet each other prior to the program starting, but wanted to meet prior to room selection.

“We geared this year’s meet and greet with this goal in mind,” she said.

The Sophomore Discovery Meet and Greet was hosted byThakkar and Urshala Herald, residence hall director. Though the SDP Meet and Greet event is a new HRL program, other similar meetings, including the Turrell Manor Open House, have been held annually.

According to Thakkar, both of these events share a common goal.

“We want students to gain a better understanding of the programs that we are offering and have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have,” Thakkar said.

The Turrell Manor Open House, hosted by the residence hall director of Turrell Manor and Ora Manor Brian O’Malley, took place in the Turrell Community Room April 8.?

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