Laundry costs will not be added to room fees

Doing laundry will remain a “pay as you go” setup, rather than incorporating laundry facilities into student fees, according to John Signorello, associate vice president of facilities and operations.

The expiration date of the laundry contract for residential students will come to a close this summer which presented the question of whether or not students would be charged the cost of laundry in their room fees, a proposal discussed last year for the 2014-15 year.

He said the University will not alter the arrangement it had under the contract with ASI Campus Laundry Solutions and Coinmarch.

“A general fee will only benefit the users and not those students who take their laundry home on weekends and will continue even with the fee,” Signorello said. “They would be paying for a service they do not use.”

Signorello pointed out another drawback to supporting laundry facilities through student fees.

“A general fee might encourage students who live off campus and are not paying the fee to come to campus and use the laundry free of charge and restrict on campus users from finding an available machine,” Signorello said.

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