SHUmobile helps bring students latest technology

President Esteban announced to Seton Hall’s community and friends on Wednesday July 25 that the university has launched SHUmobile which includes new partnerships with Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft that will bring advanced technology to students. Esteban said in his email that the university will be publicly announcing this initiative on Thursday July 26. According to Esteban, the new SHUmobile will help bring students the latest technology including laptops, tablets and cell phones. Also included is the new upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 8, which Seton Hall will be the first to deploy to its students, according to Esteban. “Our students will be among the early adopters who can access this dynamic new operating system across multiple platforms,” Esteban said. Esteban announced that the incoming freshmen class of 2016 will be receiving a new smartphone by Nokia called the Lumia 900. Esteban said the new phone comes with an app to help the freshmen class engage with the school and their peers. “Freshmen are also receiving smartphones as part of their technology package,” Esteban said. “Giving them access to a special app designed to keep the Class of 2016 fully engaged with faculty, coursework and their fellow pirates.” Esteban added that through this new initiative, the juniors will be receiving new laptops featuring Windows 8. “Juniors will have their laptops upgraded to Samsung’s Series 7 Tablet or Series 5 Ultrabook, featuring Windows 8,” Esteban said. Esteban said he is proud to be able to present all students with the advanced technology needed to be successful. “I’m proud to report that we are truly establishing a state-of-the art technology ecosystem that will enhance the living and learning environment for our newest pirates,” Esteban said. Lindsay Rittenhouse can be reached at

Author: Lindsay Rittenhouse

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