Send-Off events introduce incoming freshmen to Seton Hall

Seton Hall University’s incoming freshmen from across the country were introduced to alumni and new classmates at the annual Student Send-Off Event this summer.

The events are directed by the school’s Alumni Relations department and are hosted by several parents in different communities, according to Kerri Clarke, Associate Director of Regional Alumni Engagement and member of the class of 2005.

Several cities participated this summer including Chicago, Miami, Omaha, St. Louis, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

“It is a laid-back informal get together between new students, current students, alumni, parents, families and friends,” said Clarke. “It is an opportunity for incoming freshman to ask questions to alumni and mingle with their new classmates.”

The events are quite popular as well, according to Clarke. Though numbers vary from different cities, the alumni at each area are as enormous as the number of new students registering to attend during fall semester.

According to Clarke, the events are held yearly in late July or early August, giving freshmen students a farewell right before they enter the real world known as college.

Events begin with a welcoming address by Seton Hall Admissions or Alumni Relations staff members, according to Clarke.

“It was fun, relaxing and really nice to meet all these different people who were going to be fellow Pirates,” said freshman Garrett Mosgrove, an international relations and diplomacy major from Illinois. “It was just a really relaxing atmosphere. We met recruiters like Maureen Barney who was really nice and still keeps in touch with us in case we ever need anything. I even kept in touch with a few people on Facebook that I met at the event.”

With a calm atmosphere in a soothing environment, the Send-Off events give students a view on what lies ahead for them at Seton Hall and even beyond after they graduate.

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