Residence hall upgrades start with Cabrini remodel

Over the summer, several residence halls on campus underwent renovations, the most noticeable being the remodeling of Cabrini.

The building was remodeled in an effort to update and modernize on-campus student living space.

In Cabrini, the roof was repaired, the building was repainted and some cosmetic changes were made to the building’s exterior. The most noticeable change was the complete remodeling of all bathrooms in the building.

Cabrini’s new bathrooms are outfitted with new showers, sinks, and automatically flushing toilets.

“Cabrini had been having a lot of issues with leaking in the bathrooms, especially in the shower drains,” said Jasmin Verem, Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life. “They are hard to fix so the best solution was to replace them completely.”

Michael Grajales, a junior and Resident Assistant living in Cabrini said that he and his floor residents like the changes.

“We finally have shelving units in the awkward nook in the bathroom that we can use. All the walls are freshly painted so they look nicer. The hallways themselves look livelier due to the color,” said Grajales. “My residents have definitely liked the improvements that were implemented.”

The remodel of Cabrini is the most intensive renovation done to any of the residence halls this summer. All residence halls, with the exception of Neumann Hall and Sera Hall, got new lounge furniture. Sera and Neuman got new furniture last year. All beds in Ora Manor were replaced as well.

Across campus, about 200 new beds, desks and chairs were distributed to residence halls as needed. All window shades were also repaired over the summer.

HRL does renovations to all halls over the summer every year, budget permitting. Annual renovations are determined according to student opinion.

“Our budget is not what it used to be for renovations,” Verem said. “We will see what many students identify throughout this year for next summer’s renovation and see what needs to be done.”

HRL plans to renovate other buildings in the same way in the future. Last year, some painting was done but there were no renovations.

“I think the big goal for next year is to remodel one of the other residence halls,” Verem said “Probably Xavier or Aquinas.”

Verem said that the goal of HRL and the University is to modernize buildings as much as possible with the budget they are allotted.

“The residence halls are fairly old so we just try to do what we can to make them fresher and improve the amenities that we can,”Verem said.

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