Dorm ethernet ports shut down, wireless upgraded

The first phase of the multifaceted project to turn the Seton Hall campus completely wireless began in June 2010, by first shutting off all ethernet capabilities.

University Information Technology Services met with Housing and Residence Life in the beginning the summer to discuss the proposed change. An email was sent out to residences of Xavier Hall on Monday announcing that ethernet would no longer be provided in the dormitories.

“Wireless is definitely where everything is going” Executive Director University IT Service Bernd Walter said.

According to Walter, the wireless connection is being updated from the connections that the campus formerly used to what he said is the newest connection.

About 175 access points are to be installed throughout the residence halls, one building at a time. Currently Boland Hall has had one access point installed for each suite to strengthen the once lacking connection.

“The new wireless access points being installed are intended to provide speeds and reliability equaling ethernet,” Chief Information Officer Stephen Landry said. “Following the completion of the wireless upgrade in the residence halls, if students find areas where the speed or reliability is not adequate, IT services will install additional access points in those areas to ensure the quality of service.”

“I know several people who play XBOX 360 and are now going to have to buy wireless adapter accessories for their consoles,” senior Paul Lasko said. “I have a personal laptop that I used for educational purposes that I need to connect with the ethernet since it’s a bit older and its WiFi does not hold onto connections very well here.”

Within the week, IT services will set up a separate network for the residence halls to hook up to. An address will be provided as a separate network to hook up leisure devices and will be posted in tech tips within the week, both Walter and Landry said.

“We were not focused as much on the leisure devices as we were on the academic devices” Walter said.

The choice to eliminate ethernet was decided upon after observation and research. IT Services has not provided incoming freshmen with ethernet cables the last 3 to 4 years and when given vouchers to the bookstore, it was evident students rarely ever purchased the cables. Walter also said at peak times they observed up to 2500 users on the wireless connection.

The next phase of the project will begin winter break and is expected to be completed in August 2011. This will upgrade the internet connection across the rest of campus.

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