Pests’ in the library

The Walsh Library has recently enforced a policy banning food and drinks on the third and fourth levels of the library to keep pests away.

The pests were noticed by Building Manager Catriona Hill and, according to the dean of the library Chrysanthy Grieco, mice droppings have appeared on both floors.

There have also been reports of other pest sightings throughout shelves and students have complained to Grieco about the issue.

Junior Shane Pierre said he was shocked to hear about the pest problem.

“Who can concentrate knowing there are pests around where they are studying,” Pierre said.

Although Grieco never actually witnessed the pests, she assumes they are “pesty enough not to get caught.”When assisting a student, Grieco found remnants of food in books that were purchased only a few months prior.

“We opened up a book and out fell crumbs and amongst the pages were stains of soda or coffee, something of a brownish tint,” she said.

Grieco said it is not acceptable to put so much money into the library for books to be damaged.

The first floor of the library has not encountered the same problems as the third and fourth floors because there is no eating.

Junior Steven Giarratano said he thinks the banning of food and drinks is not fair.

“I don’t think everyone should be banned from bringing food and drink,” Giarratano said. “I just think that if students are aware of what happened due to crumbs, they will be more careful.”

Grieco said sometimes she sees students with a bottle of water or coffee in the library but does not say anything to them.

“We are not the cops, and want to be helpful to them,” she said.
Grieco said she has not heard any complaints about the new policy since it has been in effect.

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