University sends out computer survey

The Mobile Computing Task Force sent out a survey last week, in order to determine how the University should proceed in modifying the mobile computing program.

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The survey was sent via email and asked students from all majors to share their opinion on the matter, stating that they had intent to change the laptop program in the University.

“Before making any decisions we want to learn more about your experience with this program and use of technology at Seton Hall,” the email said.

The survey consists of a series of questions that revolve around how students use technology and especially their school laptops. Several students use their own laptops and the school is trying to identify whether removing the laptops and reducing the annual technology fees would be of interest to them.

The Student Government Association’s communications coordinator, and junior communications major Zachary Shaw, commented on the status of the survey, saying that the Taskforce will, “Be taking the results into serious consideration. However, since the results have not yet been processed, we have no further comment at this time.”

The student community seems to be happy with the program, however there are still certain complaints.

Senior visual and sound media major Andrew Modelane gave his opinion.

“It really depends on the major. I’m a production major and the laptop they gave me isn’t the best for it,” Modelane said, explaining how his laptop has little storage for editing and processing video. “I think the laptop program is overall good, but you can tailor it better for specific majors. Like production or design majors.”

Freshman visual and sound media major Michael Daly also shared his opinion, emphasizing on whether the changes to the program should be made.

“It makes sense if they get rid of them.” Daly said. “I am personally fine with my laptop. But it probably does not work best for everyone because people have different interests and needs for their majors. They don’t always suit their needs.”

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