Student government creates Presidential Cabinet

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Seton Hall University recently accepted applications for their Presidential Cabinet comprised of students who would assist SGA President Rishi Shah in understanding student concerns and working with students to create more transparency between SGA and the student body.

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Emma Murphy, a junior education major and an SGA Education Senator and the Academic Affairs Committee Chair, shared her opinion on the Cabinet.

“I view the Presidential Cabinet as a significant step to promote advocacy for all students, and to remain aware of improvements that can be made on campus,” Murphy said. “It’s important for Student Government to have a sense of the struggles different students face depending on course of study, campus organizations they’re involved in, and whether they commute or live on campus.”

The applications for the Cabinet opened on Oct. 1 and closed on Oct. 12. On Oct. 15, the fifteen members were chosen, and they will be sworn in next Monday, the 22. Their first official meeting will take place Nov. 1 at 7:30pm.

While going through applications, a qualification that was looked for was involvement on campus and have leaders from all aspects of our community including multicultural organizations, Greek Life and other organizations.

Rishi Shah a junior finance, economics and philosophy major and current SGA President, discussed how long the Cabinet has been in the works.

“The creation of this cabinet was done well before I was elected, when we drafted our platform to campaign this was one of the main aspects,” Shah said. “We wanted to reach all walks of life on campus and gain perspectives from various student populations.”

“The Presidential Cabinet will help us know how to make campus better for every student, not just those who happen to be in our classes or friend groups,” Murphy said.

“I applaud Rishi and his team for seeking broader student input. I am confident this will; be an outstanding year for our students and am grateful for the leadership and innovation that is taking place,” Dr. Mary Meehan, interim president, said when asked about the cabinet.

“We are aiming to have students who represent all niches at Seton Hall to create a greater and more positive impact campus wide,” Murphy said. “I think that often people do not realize the extent to which SGA can help improve the lives of students at Seton Hall – conversely, SGA Senators do not always know details of the issue’s students are facing.”

Shah shared in his own words, the cabinet’s aim.

“I believe the cabinet will be aiming to share different perspectives on various issues around campus. Mental health resources, the mobile computing program and diversity and inclusion on our campus are just some of the topics that we will be discussing. The purpose is to get a wider perspective from our student body,” Shah said.

Shah said he believes people are very open and receptive to the cabinet.

“We constantly listen to student needs and have understood that people who are not involved with SGA do not get their ideas across or concerns shared,” Shah said. “People who I spoke to are optimistic and excited about this idea.”

“Overall, I want this to be a lasting resource for SGA. I want this cabinet to be used to gain perspectives that would rather remain unheard on our campus and give an opportunity for other campus leaders to come together and work towards a common goal,” Shah concluded.

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