Nursing alumni share post-grad experiences

On April 5, the College of Nursing at Seton Hall University sponsored its first alumni panel of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) graduates, who work professionally in the industry and have two to three years of experience.

During the panel, each panelist gave the audience an introduction about themselves and discussed their post-college experiences in the workforce. The event provided current students with real-life experiences from former students as they prepare for the future.

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Panelists discussed an array of topics, such as the importance of networking, combatting stress, providing a description of their daily work lives and highlighting the importance of certification.

Dr. Colleen Carrington, a professor in the College of Nursing, commented on the purpose and importance of the panel.

“I wanted both students and faculty to meet these special young graduates from our College of Nursing,” Carrington said. “I wanted the students to have the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists regarding the transition process into the nursing profession. I hoped the panelists could advise the students and calm their apprehensions.”

Nicole Davila, a junior nursing major, commented on the structure of the event and the topics that were discussed.

“Nursing graduates came and talked about their process from nursing student to an RN nurse,” Davila said. “They gave us advice on how to study for the NCLEX exam and the process of getting licensed. They also talked about their professional growth and how they became advocates for their patients. The graduates were very helpful and encouraging. There was a Q & A, which was helpful for us students to receive additional information.”

Hunter Lindsey, a junior nursing major, commented on the experience of attending the panel.
“I thought it would be good to attend and hear stories form people who have graduated and how they handled everything after graduation, passing the NCLEX, and getting jobs,” Lindsey said. “Nursing school can be really tough and hearing stories from people who went through what I am going through and are now working in their dream jobs helps motivate me to keep working towards my dream of becoming a pediatric nurse.”

Desire Almonte, a junior nursing major, discussed how she thought the event helped her.
“I thought that the event was very helpful in providing guidance as to what the next steps after nursing school are,” Almonte said. “They also offered advice on what to do while in nursing school to help yourself stand out amongst other applicants when the time comes to apply for RN positions after graduation.”

Carrington discussed what she hoped students took away from the panel.

“It was my hope that the students would feel inspired by the wonderful accomplishments of these graduates in a short period of time since their graduation,” Carrington said. “I wanted the students to feel encouraged that they could one day soon accomplish similar things.”

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