TLTC offers every type of tech support to students and staff

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center (TLTC) is Seton Hall’s hub for assistance with audiovisual equipment, media and web support. The glue that holds this dynamic hub together comes from the student workers.

Students hold positions as STA’s, or Student Technology Assistants, in Media Equipment and Support, Website Development, Blackboard Maintenance and Space 154.

Mansi Patel and Luke Buzaid are Student Technology Assistants at the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center.
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Christopher Petruzzi, manager for User Interface and Multimedia at the TLTC, said, “Overall, student employees develop the necessary technical and professional skills equipping them with the tools needed to be successful in today’s technological workplace.”

Petruzzi, like Danzi, worked for the TLTC during his undergraduate term and was hired after he graduated in 2007. He added that the material has changed from 2007 to now, as technology has advanced. Instead of delivering VCR’s to classrooms, the STA’s are digitizing and producing new materials to go online.

Both Danzi and Petruzzi stressed that students who work with TLTC and collaborate with other students ultimately improve their skills in the technological workplace, which is important in today’s media-driven society.

Courtney Burd, a senior psychology major, was pleasantly surprised at how much she learned about media equipment while working at the TLTC. She’s become more confident in utilizing and troubleshooting technology. “I can use what I know here and feel comfortable coming onto a new system at my internship,” Burd said.

Burd wants students to know that the STA’s are available for many tasks. “We go around campus and we help all of campus whether you are a student or faculty member and assist with your technology needs on campus,” Burd said. “So if there’s an event that you need help setting up audio or visual equipment, we help with all of that.”

The TLTC is located in the basement of the library, open from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Each department maintains it’s own specific set of responsibilities but all work towards the same goal, which is, according to Graduate Assistant Peter Danzi, to “support the university in every type of technological background.”

The Media Equipment and Support assistants generally help with troubleshooting any equipment problems within the classrooms, like a faulty projector or DVD player.

The Website Development team provides any updates and changes needed to the Seton Hall website, including updating cover photos and creating content.

The Blackboard Maintenance team creates classes on Blackboard and assists with professors and any challenges they may face while using the Blackboard site.

Finally, the Space 154 assistants maintain the space and assist any students that need help in the lab. STA’s in the TLTC hope to provide the university with the best equipment in order to enhance teaching and learning.

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