Health Services educates students about their services

On Dec. 5, a Jeopardy style information session on Health Services was held on the first floor of Aquinas Hall. in an effort to better inform students on what Health Services has to offer.

Olivia Montine, a freshman English major and freshman senator in the Student Government Association (SGA) came up with the idea for the information session after finding herself in need of medical attention at the beginning of the semester.

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“I got sick one day at the beginning of the year,” Montine said. “Health Services was closed since it was a weekend, and I did not know where to go, but ended up urgent care with my roommate.”

During her application interview for SGA, she mentioned her plan to develop an initiative, which would educate freshman on Health Services. Her personal experience encouraged her to want to help others learn about their health care options and discover what alternatives they had if Health Services was closed.

“Once I became a senator, I reached out to Dianne Lynch, the Director of health services, and the idea for the event was formed,” Montine said.

Montine had to seek alternatives on her own, which is something she hopes this info session can prevent, by providing students with vital information before the time comes that they one day need it.

Various topics like hours of operation, alternatives when Health Services are closed, tips to cure common illnesses, essentials to bring to a visit with a healthcare provider, common infections typically found in the college age group and finding out what providers are within their insurance network were some of the topics discussed at the information session.

SGA and Health Services wanted to create an event that was as entertaining as it was informative to ensure that the attendees can take valuable information away from the experience.

The information was presented in a Jeopardy game format, according to Montine. The game went over different aspects of Health Services and health care in the surrounding area as well as information about insurance.

Michelle Pan, a junior marketing and business management major commented on the potential positive impact of the information session.

“I think it will make a difference since many students have a lack of knowledge about factors like Health Service’s location, what to do if they are closed, insurance and more,” she said. “I think there is a need for an info session because this idea was actually created by Olivia who was in need of Health Services when they were closed.”

Diane Lynch commented on what she hopes students in attendance gained from the event.

“Our hope is that students will leave feeling more empowered to navigate the healthcare system,” Lynch said. “And to address common healthcare concerns for college age students,” Lynch said.

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