A stop to Pathmark and a go to Stop & Shop

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Pathmark close its doors for good on Oct. 14 and Stop & Shop is scheduled to open at the same location on Valley Street on Friday, Oct. 23, according to Pathmark officials.

This means there will be nine days between Pathmark’s closing and Stop & Shop’s grand opening creating mixed reactions amongst students.

Pathmark was the closest grocery store to campus on the SHUFLY route, and across the street from student housing at Ora Manor.

While some students might take this as a loss, Michael O’Neal, an off-campus student who does not have his own car, considered the closing a bonus for him. He is referring to the up to 80 percent off sales on everything in the store during the days leading up to Pathmark’s closing.

“I got some swordfish for a very low price and 10 Three Musketeers bars for a dollar,” O’Neal
said. “I actually made a profit.”

It is debatable how large of an effect Pathmark’s closing will have on students on campus since many students go to Target or Whole Foods for their groceries.

Four out of five students interviewed and given the choice between the now closed Pathmark, Target, Whole Foods, and Stop & Shop, all accessible via SHUFLY, chose Target as their go-to store for groceries. One out of five chose Stop & Shop.

Freshman resident Olivia Martino says that Pathmark’s closing won’t change where she already shops, because she does her shopping at Target.

SHUFLY has not changed their route throughout the period between Pathmark closing and Stop & Shop opening because it is such a short transitioning time. A representative from Parking Services stated that if it were going to be a longer transitional period, they would’ve looked into possible changes.

Brianna Bernath can be reached at brianna.bernath@student.shu.edu.

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