Seton Hall welcomes entire freshmen class

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The Class of 2019 met in its entirety for the first and only time until graduation at the New Student Convocation on August 30 in the Walsh Gym. The 2 p.m. ceremony marked the official end to orientation weekend right before the new student body’s first college semester.

Sharing advice and exemplifying pirate pride was the dais party, including Seton Hall’s President A. Gabriel Esteban, provost and executive vice president, vice presidents, college deans, chair positions and representatives from the Student Government Association (SGA).

During her opening remarks, Interim Dean of the College of Communication and the Arts Deirdre Yates, advised students to make their transition from high school to college as proactive students. Applying a proactive attitude towards studies will allow students to take what they learn in the classroom and put in more time truly understanding these subjects on their own time. Academic success lay solely in the students’ hands, she said.

Provost and Executive Vice President Larry Robinson advised students to take advantage of the opportunities they are presented with during their academic years at Seton Hall. Robinson noted the importance of building relationships and networking with the Seton Hall community.

Through hard work and making connections, “Strive to create something meaningful and to contribute something valuable,” Robison said during the convocation welcome address.

Junior Teagan Sebba, president of the SGA, represented the student body.

Reminiscing on her past two years at Seton Hall, Sebba focused on the possibilities that were presented to her rather than focusing on college worries and stress. Maintaining a positive attitude during her academic years at Seton Hall has allowed Sebba to be successful and to feed off of the opportunities that Seton Hall gives its students. Sebba encourages new students to recognize these opportunities, try something new and become involved.

New freshman students say they are already both anxious and excited to act on networking opportunities.

“What I’m most looking forward to at Seton Hall is the opportunity to connect with people and create a valuable network that can benefit me in the future,” said first year freshman student Andrew De La Cruz. “That’s a big part of what brought me to Seton Hall.”

Like De La Cruz, freshman Victoria Hess has an optimistic view on her impending college career.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people, starting classes and getting a start on my future,” Hess said. “I was inspired to come here because of the job opportunities near the school and New York, as well as the close-knit community here at Seton Hall.”

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Author: Leah Carton

Leah Carton is the Managing Editor of The Setonian. She is a senior at Seton Hall majoring in journalism and public relations. She is a former Features intern for Seventeen Magazine and a former Corporate Communications & Marketing intern for Meridian Health.

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