Phone app tips parents off to class skips

The number one predictor of student success in college is not through acing exams and essays or completing assignments – it’s through attending class.

According to the Indiana based company, Core Principle, Inc., class attendance is vital for students’ success on campuses nationwide. Core Principle Inc. provides a solution with Class120 for the meta-analysis published in the review of educational research in 2010 on the relationship between class attendance and student performance.

Class120 is able to monitor a college student’s class attendance via the student’s smartphone with the help of patent-pending geolocation technology and campus mapping. Students must sign a release form and log in their class schedules to allow Class120 to send out notifications signifying that they have missed class.

“When class time rolls around, Class120 will ‘ping’ the phone to determine if it’s inside or outside the classroom location,” said Joe Montgomery, director of marketing for Core Principle, Inc. “If the smartphone isn’t detected in the classroom, an email or text notification will be sent to the designated party, whether that’s an administrator, advisor, coach or parent.”

According to Jeff Whorley, founder and CEO of Core Principle, Inc., Class120 technology can help American families protect their investment in college and prevent literally billions of dollars from being wasted every year on classes that college students skip.

“Our mission is to improve grades and graduation rates at colleges across America by giving the institutions and the parents of college students the power to monitor class attendance and address problems before it’s too late,” Montgomery said.

Students also have the option of choosing to send alerts to only themselves to help remember the importance of attendance and to keep track of the number of classes previously missed.

“Even without parental notification, students said they were less likely to give in to the last-second temptation to skip class because they knew the system was keeping track of the numbers,” Montgomery said.

Student and Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (TLTC) employee Marisa Cumello finds fault with the preventive smartphone monitoring system and offers reasons as to why it could face problems.

“There are some college students who don’t have smartphones due to financial or personal reasons,” Cumello said. “Also, some students prefer to turn off their cell phones during class to limit distraction”.

Seton Hall’s campus is mapped into the Class120 system. If interested, iPhone users (Android version coming soon) can purchase Class120 GEO from the Class120 website.

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