SHU law school offers new compliance degree

With the growing popularity in the field of compliance in law, Seton Hall Law has announced the addition of a new Juris Doctor concentration in compliance to its curriculum.

The Seton Hall Law School has offered degrees in the specific compliance program for some time, for example in pharmaceutical and medical fields alike, but this broad compliance degree allows for students to work in a variety of different fields that require legal compliance help. Compliance in law ensures the adherence and order to the rules that are in place to keep an institution, company, or organization going.

Timothy Glynn, a professor of law and director of US Healthcare Compliance Certification Program, said that the new degree offers an opportunity for students to focus on an area that is in large demand in this day and age. According to Glynn, the J.D. degree in Compliance is applicable to so many different areas because basically every enterprise that has a set of rules for their workers to adhere by from finance companies to health care institutions deal in some way with compliance in law.

“This is a growing field that provides an alternative way for students to use their law degree. It isn’t just helping students get hired in nonprofit programs but law firms are looking to hire J.D.’s as well as practitioners who can assist compliance workers and others,” Glynn said.

The program would focus on three different aspects of compliance so students can gain a better grasp on what compliance in law entails. They include a compliance skills course, which can be achieved through classes and/or externships where students gain real life experience, courses that focus on compliance issues, structures and laws. Other courses focus on the growth in the fields where compliance becomes central such as cyber security, human resources, and so on.

“We are very excited about the program,” Glynn said. “I think there is already interest out there and I’ve seen since we made the announcement that students are interested in it.”

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