PirateNet update on its way

PirateNet will be getting an update soon, and while there are not going to be any big changes to the system, this update could allow for more in the future.

According to Paul Fisher, the associate chief information officer and director of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center, the technology that the PirateNet portal is based on–the Luminis platform–will be updating to the most recent 5.01 version. The current system runs on the 4.2 version of the platform.

Fisher said the technology is “more modern” and brings “advanced features to the portal and helps the University to communicate with student, faculty and employees.”

While there are not going to be any major changes to the current PirateNet, Fisher said there will be some small changes to how things were done in the previous version.

According to Fisher, “this new technology stack will allow us to roll out more services to the community.”

Overall however, PirateNet will still function relatively similar to the way it does currently. For the past year, the Department of Information and Technology has been working towards debuting the new program.

However, Fisher said that the release date for the update has been postponed.

“We just weren’t happy with its performance,” he said, “And we are working with our partners to ensure the technology will perform at its peak when we go live.”

Several teams within the Department of Information and Technology are still working toward this goal. While this may only be the first of a series of updates, Fisher said the Department of Information and Technology will let the community know of any more upcoming changes to PirateNet.

Elena Vitullo can be reached at elena.vitullo@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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