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Whether you are looking for a self-diagnosis or searching for evidence to support an argument, you likely turn to one search engine. With your next Google search don’t be surprised if an ad for the Dreamscape Foundation appears.

The Dreamscape Foundation, a nonprofit organization which serves to help those with rare disabilities and diseases, founded by Seton Hall sophomore Joseph Sehwani, has sealed a partnership with Google as part of the Google for Nonprofits program.

Just two weeks ago Sehwani, applied to the program and after a very long phone call to Google customer service, Sehwani got through and the partnership was approved the next day.

Dreamscape Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves to accommodate those with rare disabilities and diseases under the motto “sharing the dream.”

With this new fundraising platform, Dreamscape asks for donations to provide those afflicted with diseases and disabilities the adaptive technology they need to perform daily activities, according to Sehwani.

Originally Sehwani planned to provide resources suited to educational needs. Following the creative path the foundation is beginning to pave, Sehwani decided to expand the scope of the needs that the organization will meet.

“If someone needs something for their instrument or for art or something to help them write better, I didn’t want to limit them just to what I (originally) wanted to offer,” Sehwani said.

Google for Nonprofits has an app for both iPhones and Androids called “One Today,” which displays multiple nonprofit campaigns daily. The Dreamscape campaign aims to give independence to the disabled, no matter what problems may arise.

On the foundation’s profile there will be an account of the number of donors and the money raised in addition to help-give facts, which explains the application of the funds raised: for Dreamscape every $20 will be used to provide adaptive technology for one person in need. Much like the ALS challenge that was popular this summer, you can challenge others to donate to this program. The Dreamscape campaign will be up and active this week.

The Google partnership gives Dreamscape many resources including ad grants; the foundation will receive $10,000 monthly, according to Sehwani.

“I went from no advertisement to lots of advertisement” Sehwani said. “This will definitely help expand my reach and embrace my cause.”

In addition to the grants, Dreamscape will receive two dollars every time someone clicks the link produced by a Google search.

Sehwani will also have access to YouTube for Nonprofits resources. He can use the YouTube studio, located in Los Angeles, at no expense aside from airfare. YouTube for Nonprofits also helps to promote the foundations.

Sehwani said based off your video browsing, you may run into a preloader from the Dreamscape Foundation.

“The little preloader ads you would usually skip over, I’ll be on one of those,” Sehwani said.

You will soon be able to sing along to the tune of goodwill. Dreamscape is venturing into the music industry, although the project is still being developed, according to Sehwani. The project will delve into genres ranging from soft rock to rap and possibly EDM with three artists thus far.

“I started with art—my artwork, my own talents—to raise funds to start the foundation and I succeeded,” Sehwani said. “Because of that I really like to encourage others to come out with their talents and embrace what they do to help our mission.”

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