Free laundry? Think again

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If you’ve already done laundry on campus and noticed that you didn’t have to pay for it, don’t rejoice just yet. Free laundry is only temporary.

According to the Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life Albert Cardona, the washing machines in the dorms are free now because some important electronic parts are missing.

“The ‘run free’ machines are only temporary due to missing electronic parts that are on back order,” Cardona said. “Once the materials are received and installed the machines will be card operated again.”

The on-campus dormitory laundry rooms were overhauled during the summer; 62 new washing machines and 62 dryers were installed. But some of the necessary parts have taken more time to install. Some students believe that free laundry would be a major benefit to residence life on campus.

“I think it is better overall for students,” Junior Xavier Resident Thomas Cilmi said. “It’s less money out of pocket and it can prevent students from going home to do laundry.”

Junior Sean Fahey from Xavier said that “residents could wash clothes regularly, which would result in a cleaner and fresher student body.”

Cardona said students have asked for the free laundry to continue, and he said that Housing and Residence Life has investigated ways of keeping the machines operating free of charge.

“However the contract is managed by business affairs,” he said. According to the Director of Business Affairs Michael Garcia, the University does not collect any laundry fees.

“The money goes to the laundry service company for providing the ma- chines and servicing them,” he said.

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